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List of voice actors appearing in ES5 Skyrim

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List of voice actors appearing in ES5 Skyrim

Post  runestyr on Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:25 am

I thought this list of voice actors in Skyrim is interesting
but more importantly, it provides a handy reference to see where to put our priority on adding new voices.

Not a surprise -- there's only one male and one female for each of the non-human races. So that's where we need voices first, I'd suggest.

The generic Nords have only 2 females, but 5 male voices among them. So more female Nord voices would be sweet.

I knew I recognized Bellethor's voice -- Stephen Russel who did 3 main characters in the Thief series. There there are a few other major names I recognized when I heard them -- Lynda Carter, Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer are obvious, and I'm sure I'll recognize Claudia Christian when I get to that part of the game.
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